We service the following Yashica cameras:

Acclaim 65 and 300
AW-Mini/Date (no battery cover available)
EZ-S Zoom-105/Pan. Date, Elite Zoom-105/Date
EZ-S Zoom-70/Date, Elite Zoom-70/Date
Micro Elite AF/Date
Micro Elite Zoom-120/Date
Micro Finnesse-AF/Date
Microtec Elite Zoom-70/Date
Microtec Elite Zoom-90/Date
Microtec Zoom-120/Date and Silver, Panorama
Microtec Zoom-70/Date and Silver, Panorama
Microtec Zoom-90/Date and Silver, Panorama
Motor-J/AF-J and J-Mini
Ninja Star and Ninja Star II/Date
Profile 4000 / Samurai 4000
T-3/Date, T-3 Super/Date
T-4/Date, T-4 Super/Date and Silver, T-5
Twintec/EZ-Dual 35
Zoom Elite 80, 115, 130, 135, 140, 150
Zoomate 80, 120, 140, 140SE, 150, 165

SLR Screw Mount

TL-Electro II
TL-Electro X/ITS

SLR Yashica Contax Mount

FX-2, FX-3/Super/Super 2000, FX-7/Super

SLR Auto Focus

300-AF Body


Y-D, 635, Y-MAT, 12, 24, 124, 124G